Aid Call Wireless Nurse Call

A feature rich wireless nurse call system.


Available with colour screen control panel and two different types of room unit, the Aid Call wireless nurse call system offers a range of products.

GD Systems have been an Aid Call trade partner for many years and are able to offer very keen pricing and an excellent level of customer service.

Aid Call Wireless Nurse Call – Key Features


Advanced Control Panel

The full colour control panel gives all the important informational a glance.

Different Styles of Room Units & Call Points

A choice of call points is available, having wipe clean buttons with Microban.

  • ATX4000 (for WCs and communal areas)
  • ATX 5000 With a screen …. see current GD site

Compatible with older room units

  • ATX 3000+  A replacement for the older ATX2000 and 3000 call points
  • Pendants for garden or bedside chair use

Aid Call Equipment Montage

Aid Call Wireless Nurse Call

Designed for use in care homes, usually installed as a replacement system.

Aid Call ATX 5000 Room Unit
Although sometimes installed in new builds, the Aid Call wireless nurse call system is usually installed in care homes as a replacement for and old or failing nurse call systems.

The Aid Call system, along with all wireless nurse calls can normally be installed in a single day, there are no cables so disruption to both staff and residents is kept to a minimum.

The control panel displays all important information at a glance. All queued calls are displayed in order of importance and length of call alert. The call location is then displayed in plain text.

There are five levels of call alert; CALL, ASSIST, EMERGENCY, REMINDER and MAINTENANCE, all with distinct alarm tones. Making the system user-friendly and simple to operate.

The ATX 3000+ and ATX 4000 are basic room units allowing residents to call for assistance. Calls can be made to other staff using ASSISTANCE and/or EMERGENCY from the same room unit.

The ATX 5000, has an additional built-in screen allowing staff to see the location of the next call avoiding the need to view the main panel.

All types of room unit allow accessories such as pressure mats to be plugged in.

Other Nurse Call Systems

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New Panels – Old Room Units

Read about using new panels with your existing room units.

A Guide to Nurse Call

Things you should consider when buying a nurse call system.

Wired or Wireless

The merits of both types of system discussed by our designers

Older Aid Call Legacy Systems

Aid Call Montage

We don’t just supply & install new systems, we can maintain and upgrade older CP3000 and ATX3000 / ATX 2000 room units. Aid Call no longer provide support for these systems.

We would love to talk to you …  feel free to call us on

01616 818217

There is no hard sell, just a chat where we can just informally discuss your options

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Why GD Systems ?

GD Systems have been at the forefront call technology for the caring profession, supplying and maintaining for our customer for over 20 years.

As experts in our field, we work with many consulting engineers,architects and M&E contractors. We can ensure specifications are correct and that the right deliverables are specified on tender documentation.

Service & Support

We offer no nonsense maintenance and servicing arrangements

If you have an existing system and you are getting the service you expect from  your current provider, give us call

If your equipment doesn’t work, needs upgrading or requires a simple battery change or service, call us … we offer levels of service that we think you’ll be impressed by.

Aidcall Wireless Nurse Call System Components

Control Panels, Room Units & Accessories that make up a system

CP5000 Controller / Display

The CP5000 Display Panel shows all the important information at a glance.

It provides information such as: text addresses for call types, locations, resident/patient names, nurse/carer ID, active call list and alarm location with optional floor plan/map. The status of calls is displayed and additional information such as patient medical notes can be called up.

CP3400 Controller / Display

Regrettably, the CP3400 is no longer available.

This isn’t an issue as the CP5000 is available and is compatible with your system. There is a cost difference between the products so give us a call with any questions.

ATX5000 Room Unit

The ATX 5000 Room Unit is a premium product.

Two-way radio technology ensures that all calls are successfully transmitted to and from the display panels.

The ATX5000 features a screen able to show busy staff that there’s a call waiting. Saving time as it eliminates the need to revisit a panel to see the location of that next call.

ATX4000 Room Unit

More economical than the ATX 5000, except the ATX 4000 has no screen.

It uses two-way radio technology to ensure all calls are successfully transmitted to and from the display panels.

It has all other functionality of the ATX 5000 including the ability to plug in accessories, it can also be used as a door alarm or door bell unit.

ATX3000+ Room Unit

The ATX 3000+ is a replacement for the now obsolete ATX3000.

We wouldn’t recommend using these for new installations, but they work very well with older systems that were originally installed with the ATX3000 should you require additional or replacement call points.

Beside working on a different frequency and not using a two-way communication, the ATX3000 has all of the other functionality, of the ATX4000 and ATX 5000, including the ability to plug in accessories.

The ATX 3000+ can also be used as a door alarm or door bell unit.

Other Aid Call Components Include

Neck Pendants

The Aid Call pendant is for residents that wish to remain mobile, but may need to call for assistance. A calls from the pendant are transmitted to the nearest room unit and on the controller.

Pricing from £101.80 + VAT

Call Logger Software

Once installed on a PC, the Call Logger software will record all events from the CP3400/CP5000 control panels. This data can be easily analysed and reports produced.

Pricing from £529.00 + VAT

Over Door Lights
AVI3000 Over Door Light

The AVI3000 is an over door light complete with an internal sounder. When mounted above a door, it is used to highlight the location and level of a call.

Pricing from £89.00 + VAT

Nurse Presence Buddy

The “Buddy” is an infra red transmitter, designed for staff to register once in a room. The CP5000 logs all events so staff activity can be tracked and monitored.

Pricing from £64.90 + VAT

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