Why use Wireless Paging Systems for Business?

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Why use wireless paging systems for business?

GD-Pagers - Wireless paging systems for businessYou may think in this day and age, the pager is now an out dated piece of technology.
In this digital age, there’s more than one way to contact your staff, whether it’s through voice call, Skype, or even by text. Many people believe that pagers are a relic of the past and now have become obsolete. This is where you’re wrong, you can still use wireless paging systems for business.

Pagers are…


For specific applications (e.g nurse call) industries find pagers an essential form of wireless communication. A correctly engineered on-site paging system will always deliver a message.

Less intrusive

When you have your hands full or your busy with a patient/resident and you cannot answer the call, a mobile phone will ring for 30 seconds or so. Pagers will fall silent after just a few seconds, but continue to show you the alert.


There are many industries and situations where mobile phones are not permitted. A pager, as supplied by the company will usually be exempt from such prohibition.

Fully compatible with…

  • Nurse call system
  • Fire alarm
  • Computer network
  • Critical equipment for alarm purposes


If you need to call a group in a hurry e.g to respond to an incident, a pager system can be programmed to call a group of pagers simultaneously. A pager tone will stand out above others distractions as an urgent alert. You will not get voicemail or an engaged tone.


The pagers offered by GD Systems are for on-site use only. As such the site will have been designed for complete coverage – no signal deadspots, just reliable communication.


After the initial installation, there are no contract charges. All messages are free to send. You will however need a licence from OFCOM (currently £75 for 5 years).


When you think about it, the benefits are endless. Call GD Systems today to find out how we can fit your new wireless system for business.

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