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A Guide to Wireless Panic Alarm and Staff Attack Systems

If you find yourself in a position where you need to retro-fit a stall attack alarm, then there is no doubt that a wireless panic alarm sounds and looks appealing. However, unlike wireless nurse call systems, the considerations for a wireless staff attack alarm are much less straightforward.

“Are wireless Staff Attack alarms worthy of consideration?”

The answer is – Well, it depends!

Whilst the decision to use a wireless nurse call system is fairly straightforward, considering a wireless staff attack alarm is very much less so.


There is no doubt that the idea of a wireless anything is appealing, Wi-Fi is neat, quick and convenient.

Whilst it is true that for a very small system for example a doctor’s surgery a wireless panic alarm would be perfectly acceptable, in a medium to large system such as in a mental health setting the options become much more limited and the type of service user needs to thought about.

All the advantages of a wireless nurse call system often become disadvantages in an environment where you would need a staff attack alarm. Ease of installation now becomes ease of removal and potential vandalisation.

Many nurse call room unit feature infra-red sensors, often claimed to be for wireless attack alarm purposes. This is a seriously bad idea as not only can they easily removed but can be easily obscured. We would only recommend ceiling mounted sensors. These are difficult to remove and will sound a tamper alarm if removed.

“GD Systems would only recommend the ARM system as a wireless panic alarm system”

See ARM Attack Alarm System featuring Last Known Location.

There can be some confusion about the term wireless when applied to staff attack alarms. When a system is referred to as wireless, this means that the infrastructure (the sensors and control panel) is wireless and not cabled together.
This is often confused with the operation of personal fobs – either infra-red (IR or RF) radio. Both of these technologies are of course wireless, but these are standard equipment for both a wired sensor system or a wireless sensor system.

Staff Attack Alarm Categories


Small Systems – such as receptions areas, doctor’s / dentist’s surgeries – smaller systems wireless is ideal – See our Small Wireless Systems >>>

Supported Living Environments – wireless can work well – but only if installed correctly.

Mental Health Hospitals – wireless not really suitable and we would not recommend it for this type of environment.
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