The cost benefits to having a good nurse call solution

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Widely used across the healthcare industry, nurse call systems are essential for the day to day running of hospitals and care homes alike.

Not only can a nurse call system improve the quality of care provided to the patients, but what many managers and operators don’t realise is that there are cost-savings behind a well designed and well implemented nurse call solution.

GD Systems are a leading supplier and installer for nurse call systems. They do not focus on the installation or supply of just one type of system. They will access the needs of the client and choose the most suitable nurse call system for them. This ensures the client is getting the best system possible for their needs, not fitting their needs into a pre-made box.


How to choose a nurse call solution?

When choosing your new nurse call solution, there are a variety of things you need to think about. We’ve previously written a guide for wireless nurse call system that’s worth a read. Sometimes at a first glance the cheapest option may seem like the best, but this is not always the case. If the system in question lacks durability then they’re likely to cost more in the long term through replacements and call outs. This won’t just have cost implications but it may impact on the quality of care being provided to residents and patients.


The solution to these problems are simple. Look for handsets that can be easily repairable or systems that don’t have a huge amount of spare parts. It’s also worth considering having a maintenance and support contract (link to maintenance page) in place so that should anything go wrong. This means downtime is minimised (don’t forget about this requirement, not notify the CQC when this happens).

Wired or wireless

In many cases wireless nurse call systems are more beneficial than wired. Once the infrastructure is in place, it’s far easier to modify and adapt at a later date. Saving money in the long run as modifications are much simpler, not requiring extensive wiring modifications each time you want a new area or move furniture around. Find out more about wired vs wireless in our blog.


Another benefit of a more premium nurse call system is time spent testing equipment. There’s one centralised PC in place which displays all the information needed by staff and estates staff alike. It will inform them if there’s a fault in the system which then allows it to be fixed as soon as possible.

Display Screen

The requirement for the correct number of screens and displays should not be overlooked. Staff need to get call information efficiently without the requirement to go to another floor or corridor so see who is calling. Many nurse call systems also have the ability to reroute calls from unmanned nurse stations, ensuring that a call is never missed. As a result staff are more efficient and productive, and there is a quieter environment.

Some nurse call systems even have the capability to track patients and residents around the care home or hospital. This provides staff even greater flexibility as they don’t need to constantly keep watch of patients or residents

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