Deaf Alert Flat

Deaf Fire Alarm Pager System

A Fire Alarm and Emergency Warning
for the Hearing Impaired

For when there is a need to alert the deaf or hearing impaired.

In the event of a fire alarm or other emergency, there is a need to ensure that the deaf of hearing impaired are notified of the emergency

Deaf Fire Alarm Pager System – Key Features

Red Check Mark - Deaf Alert

Fully monitored link to fire panel

Should the link fail …. will indicate fault on both the PTP and the fire alarm
Red Check Mark - Deaf Alert

High Power 2 Watt RF Output

Ample range to give full cover in most commercical and academic buildings
Red Check Mark - Deaf Alert

Automated silent test call to pagers

Fully monitored transmissions. Silent in-service calls are made the the pages at regular intervals to ensure the system is operational.
Red Check Mark - Deaf Alert

Test facility

By using a simple keyswitch, the system is simple to test without the need for a full fire alarm test.
Red Check Mark - Deaf Alert

90 hour battery backup

Fully compliant – the transmitter has a battery backup which is capable of a fill 90 hours standby after loss of mains power

Scope Pagetek Pro Deaf Fire Alarm Paging

Scope Pagetek Pro & Nightstand

Other Paging Systems

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Deaf Fire Alarm Pager Systems

The PageTek Pro fire alarm paging system offers a means of notifying any hearing impaired or deaf personal that a fire alarm has been activated.


The Transmitter

This would be installed adjacent to the fire alarm panel which is directly connected to the fire relay via a monitored cable. The connection is fully monitored and will alarm if the connection is disturbed. For full BS5839 compliance, the fault output of the PageTek transmitter is connected back as a fault input to the fire panel.

Fire Alarm

Should the fire panel go into an alarm condition and the fire relay close, the pre-programmed zone on the PageTek Pro will begin to transmit a predetermined message such as “FIRE ALARM BUILDING 3”. This alarm message will repeat at x intervals until the alarm is reset.

Upon receiving a transmission from the PageTek Pro any pagers programmed to receive transmissions will begin to alarm. This would normally be a vibration and message display, repeating with each subsequent transmission from the PageTek Pro.

Integrity Testing

The transmitter sends automated silent test calls every 40 seconds or so which the pagers expect to receive, the pagers do not display these messages. Consequently if they are not received due to a transmitter or range issue, the pagers will vibrate and announce “NOT IN SERVCE”. As a result allowing the user to be aware that the system is not working correctly and alternative arrangements should be made.

Extended Connectivity – RS232 Serial and Ethernet

The Pagetek Pro is primarily designed to comply with the recommendations os BS5839-1:2013 for alerting the hearing impaired to the activation of a fire alarm. The PageTek Pro now has a RS232 serial input which allows the system to also be connected to other secondary equipment at the same time as the primary fire alarm interface. For instance, by connecting to the fire alarm serial interface of an addressable system, the PageTek Pro can be configured to let support staff know the exact location of a fire alarm.

The system also features an optional Ethernet card which, in connection with software will allow messages to be sent via a connected PC.

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