Lone Worker Protection

Lone Worker Protection Alarm, Staff Attack Man Down

On-site Protection for Lone Workers

Lone worker protection and alarms to enable on-site lone workers to call for assistance, either manually or automatically via a “man down” function.

Scope IMPACT Lone Worker Hand Held Device


Multiple Trigger Functions

Can be activated manually via buttons or snatch lanyard and automatically via motion sensing detection
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Snatch Lanyard for hostile Environments

The IMPACT device will automatically signal should the device be snatched away in a hostile environment
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Programmable Motion Sensing

Motion sensors have multiple user alert options to cope with differing use cases
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Weatherproof and Stainless Steel Available

Wide range of ‘Disabled Refuge’ (Type B) outstations available in stainless steel or green steel (flush, surface or weatherproof options available)

Handheld Lone Worker Protection

IMPACT: On-Site Lone Worker Protection – Key Features

Who is classified as a lone worker?


Lone workers are people who work on their own with little or no supervision.


Thus in the event of an emergency there is no one to give assistance, or summon help. For this reason security and safety is a high risk. Personnel may be working along for the whole work period, or for only several minutes.

Although there is no legal prohibition for working alone, duties of the HSW Act and MHSW Regulations still apply. These require employers to identify hazards in work; assessing the risks involved, and putting measures in place to avoid or control the risks. If your risk assessment requires that communication is needed. We’re able to provide anything from a simple handset and alarm, to a site-wide monitoring and alerting system.

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