ARM Wireless Nurse Call


The ARM wireless nurse call system has been refined over the last 20 years.

With both HTM 08-03 functionality and staff attack alarm integration, the ARM Nurse Call System is an ideal choice for more institutionalised applications. 

The ARM Call System lends itself to both temporary and permanent installations most environments.

ARM Wireless Nurse Call Key Features


Four Types of Display Panel

The ARM wireless nurse call offers main control panels with or without an integrated display. The version without offer the possibility of mounting the control panel in a remote area with the display in a more appropriate position.

The remote displays come in large and small variations.


Use with Assistive Technologies

To enhance the ARM wireless nurse call system, a number of Assistive Technology devices are available that can be plugged into the socket in the room unit which will provide automated and monitored alerting.

Different Styles of Room Units & Call Points

There are a choice of call points is available,

  • With Integral Pull cord (for WCs and communal areas)
  • With Integral Pear push for bedside use. The pear push has a confidence LED so your resident can be sure help is on the way.
  • For Door Alarms to be notified of wandering residents

ARM wireless nurse call

ARM Wireless Nurse Call System

Suitable for care homes, hospitals and mental health applications, the ARM wireless nurse call system also has the facility for staff attack alarms.

There’s no wiring so the ARM wireless nurse call system can be installed quickly and easily. It uses wireless radio communication between both the call points and the system infrastructure.

A fully supervised system, with regular transmissions between the individual call points and the system ensures continuous monitoring of the system’s functionality.

Small Remote - Master DisplayThe displays show call locations with descriptive text showing up to seven levels of call, it can also provide different audible tones for different call levels. This enables staff to efficiently answer calls, making the management of resources more flexible.

Assistive Technology devices can be easily linked to the ARM nurse call system, such as Epilepsy, Enuresis or movement sensors. These devices provide automatic monitoring and activation of the nurse call system, an ideal solution to offer reassurance to both users and staff.

If calls remain unanswered for a pre-determined time, the system will escalate them to alert staff that assistance is still required.

Computer software is available for a graphical display monitor showing calls in priority order with Active Timer.

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A Guide to Nurse Call

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ARM System Components


The control panels, room units and accessories that make up a ARM wireless nurse call system

MCPID – Main Control Panel with Internal Display

The control panel contains the radio equipment to allow the system to communicate.

For larger premises, more than one may be required. The MCPID has an integrated display and is designed to be situated in the nurse base area.

Displays can be zoned so that call can be re-routed at night when fewer staff are on duty.

MCPRD – Main Control Panel with Remote Display

Similar to the MCPID, the MCPRD control panel contains the radio equipment to allow the system to communicate with the call points.

The MCPRD differs by having a remote display, allowing the panel to be sited in an “out of the way” area such as an electrical cupboard and the display mounted at the nurse base.

Large Remote Display

Supplied with the MCPRD, this option is the Large Remote Display.

The Large Remote Display is more suited to areas where the screen has to be viewed from greater distances. All programming is done from this display.

Standard Remote Display

Supplied with the MCPRD, this option is the Standard Remote Display

The Standard Remote display has a smaller footprint and smaller text. All programming is done from this display.

SWI – Call Logging Software

The ARM nurse call logging software provides NHS & Care Home users with a facility for recording all activity which has occurred during the course of the day.

Enabling managers to monitor, record, export or print management reports on all calls and response times. Night time observation rounds/regular checks can be recorded and monitored using the software.

NPP-IR  Call Point with Integral Pear Push Lead

The NPP-IR  Point comes with Pear Push Call Lead and Wall Holster and batteries

This standard call point has a monitored socket to connect the Call Lead or Assistive Technology device (out of bed monitors, pressure mats etc.)

Call Point with Integral Pull Cord

The NPC-IR  Call Point comes with integral pull cord with 2 easy grip triangles, Wall Holster and batteries

Wireless ceiling mounted pull cards are available for shower areas.

Call Point with Integral Door Monitoring

The NDM-IR Call Point comes with door contacts and staff override keyswitch to disable door monitoring when required.

Also available:
Door Bell monitor: S64-NDMB-IR
Telephone monitor: S64-NTIF

Other ARM Components Include

Call Point with Air Bulb

The NAB-IR Call Point comes with an aide bulb for resident/patients without the dexterity to operate a standard pear push lead.

HCU-IR  Emergency Call Unit

For areas that may require an emergency call. The unit incorporates Emergency, Assistance and Reset buttons.

Infra-Red Wrist ButtonThe wrist pendant avoids the need for long trailing pear push leads. The pendant transmits an infra red signal that is received by any call points in range.

Resident & Staff Fobs
The resident fobs works like wrist pendants, which is sometimes preferred. The staff device can be used for resetting calls and acknowledging staff presence.

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