Dementia Care Assistance Technology


An add-on to the Quantec Nurse Call system to assist those who care for dementia sufferers

The Dementia Care System

Designed in conjunction with a prestigious NHS Trust, the dementia care system is highly regarded in the provision of high intensity dementia care. This system is designed to enhance the level of care provided for dementia, Alzheimer’s and incontinence sufferers.

Built using a combination of sensors and dimming LED lighting, this care system is geared towards giving patients the freedom and dignity they deserve. Resulting in the ability to live their lives as normally as possible, with as little intervention from carers as their condition allows.

The Dementia Care Assistance System – Key Features

Designed to be installed using the Quantec nurse call, the dementia care system monitors night time movement,  then initiates a pre-programmed series of events when the patient is out of bed.

The system is programmed to suit the needs of the individual, standard options are pre-programmed and easily selectable. It can also be easily adapted to the changing needs and behaviours of dementia and Alzheimers patients.

Dementia Care System

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Medium Intensity – Ensuite Guiding

These options utilise a bed exit mat and timers to switch lights on as soon as the patient gets out of bed, it then allows them a period of 4, 6 or 8 minutes before generating a call. Should the patient return to bed within the allocated time period, the system will return to normal and the lights will go out without the need for staff/carer intervention.

Medium Intensity – Ushering

These options utilise a bed exit mat, PIRs and timers to automatically switch lights on and off when movement is detected and to safely guide patients in and out of ensuite areas. The length of time the patient is allowed out of bed before a call is generated varies depending on the configuration/behaviour pattern selected. Should the patient return to bed within the allocated time period, the system will return to normal without the need for intervention.

High Intensity  – Calling

These options utilise PIRs to detect patient movement and switch lights on and, or generate a call the moment the patient gets out of bed.

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Quantec Dementia Care System Components

Control Panels, Room Units & Accessories that make up a system

QT630 Dementia Care Controller

The QT63o is connected to the Quantec nurse call system network as a controller that manages all the assistance functions of a bedroom.

Key Features

  • Includes all of the inputs, outputs, timers and power required for the connection of PIR movement detectors, an enuresis sensor, bed exit mats, low voltage LED lighting, door monitoring contacts, slave infrared ceiling receivers, slave overdoor lights, a room status controller and more.
  • Two PIR sensing channels and two LED lighting circuits
  • Sends detailed room status data (e.g. BEDROOM 1, ENURESIS CALL) to ALL Quantec displays
  • Includes space for 1 x 12V 7Ah battery (providing up to 8 hours standby time)
  • All room status/call system activity data is sent to the main Quantec Controller for output to our surveyor data management software
  • One QT630 required per dementia bedroom (typically located in the bedroom in an engineer accessible cupboard)
  • Requires a 230Vac mains supply and connects to Quantec via its two network connections.


QT638 PIR Movement Sensor

The QT638 is designed to be connected to the Dementia Care Controller. When armed, it will detect movement and activate the programming of the controller,  e.g. to automatically switch on lights to ensure patient/resident safety.

*The PIR requires a QT645 power interface if connecting to Quantec via QT604 or QT611


QT639 Ultrabright 3W LED Lamp

Programmed by the QT 630 controller, the QT639 can be configured to switch on, switch off or dim depending upon the behaviour pattern, e.g to guide a patient to the bathroom at night.

QT637 enuresis bed exit interface

QT637 Enuresis/Bed Exit Interface Socket

The QT637 is an interface that allows both an enuresis sensor and a bed exit matt to be connected to the main Quantec system.
*This device requires a PP3 battery (not supplied)

QT635 enuresis bed wet sensor

QT635 Enuresis Sensor

The QT635 is typically placed below the bedsheets to detect moisture. The bed wet sensor is connected to the QT637 interface. Used in conjunction with the QT637 Enuresis Controller.

QT631M room status controller

QT631M Room Status Controller

The QT631M allows staff to isolate certain functions (PIR sensors during the daytime for instance). It uses a magnet swipe keys or as an option a key switch version is available.

QT636 Interface Unit

QT636 Interface Unit

The QT636 features a jack socket that typically connects a bed exit mat. This would be used to connect devices to the system where the QT637 enuresis controller was not required.

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