Medicare Wireless Nurse Call


Medicare is a wireless nurse call system that is feature rich and has an excellent reputation.

With wipe clean call units, touchscreen interface and remote access features, there is a lot of advanced design offering a high spec call system which is priced very competitively.

Medicare Wireless Nurse Call Key Features

Two Sizes of touchscreen control panel

In both 14″ and 7″sizes, the larger LCD touch screen is ideal for the nurse station and the smaller, the fully featured 7″ panel provides an economic solution for repeater panels around the home.

Wireless technology for easy installation

The room units are powered by 2 AA batteries and secured by 2 screws. As there is no cabling, a room unit is installed in a matter of minutes.


The room unit call point features a wipe clean membrane and the pear push is dip sterilisable.

Control panel works with other systems

The larger 14″ HTM 4100 control panel can be used to replace control panels from other manufacturers.

Medicare wireless nurse call product montage

Medicare Wireless Nurse Call System

Designed for use in care homes, usually installed as a replacement system

medicarehandsetMedicare wireless nurse call systems are usually installed in care homes, residential homes and many hospitals. They’re generally used as a replacements for and old, failing nurse call systems. However, it can be installed in new builds with no trouble.

As there are no cables, the Medicare system, along with all wireless nurse calls can usually be installed in a single day. Due to their ease of installation, the systems can be used in many locations, such as; toilets, common areas, bedrooms and many more.

Display Panels; Available in a variety of sizes and easily programmed to display the information you need. All panels are touch screen and have the ability to be wall or desk mounted.

Control panels are colour coded to meet HTM guidelines; standard calls (orange), assistance calls (yellow), emergency calls (red), staff presence (green) and call accept (grey). Standard, assistance and emergency calls each have a distinctive tone.

Call Logging; The call logging system is simple and easy to use, whilst providing all the necessary information, in addition all call log data can be exported or printed.

Call Points; Each call point (except ceiling pull cords) are easy to use with four buttons, each clearly marked and colour coded.

All types of room unit allow accessories such as pressure mats to be plugged in.

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Medicare Panel Compatibility

Read about Using Medicare panels with other systems.

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Other Medicare System Features Include

Neck Pendants

Neck Pendant Icon

For use in gardens or in rooms, avoiding the need to remove call points from the wall.

On-Screen Map

Map Icon

An on screen map showing call locations can be displayed if required, either automatically or manually.

Pager Integration

Pager Icon

A Medicare display panel will connect to a paging system so staff with a pager can always hear a call.

E Logging

Call Logger Icon

In-built call logging function so there is no requirement for a PC – Also cloud functionality.

Safety Technology for the Care Sector


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Medicare Wireless Nurse Call System Components

Control Panels, Room Units & Accessories that make up a system

HTM4100 Main Control Panel and Display

The Medicare HTM4100 is a touchscreen control panel, with the ability to be either wall or desk mounted.

  • Easy to read screen shows calls cvcver premises (more than one may be required).
  • The cMCPID has an integrated display and is designed to be situated in the nurse base area.
  • Displays can be zoned so that call can be re-routed at night when fewer staff are on duty.

HTM4000 Repeater Display

The HTM4000,  a smaller display screen designed to be a repeater.

  • Suitable and cost effective to be installed at strategic locations around the building.
  • Features a touch screen and call logger.

HTM6000 Call Point (No Socket, No Pull Cord)

The Medicare HTM6000, a bare room unit with no accessory socket or pull cord.

  • Primarily used in communal areas such as dining rooms, lounges and conservatories where a clutter free call point is required.
  • Complete with fixing bracket and batteries.

HTM6001 Call Point (Pear Push Lead)

The HTM6001 Call Point, designed for bedside use.

  • Normally installed by the bed head, the pear push lead is the available for the resident or patient to call for assistance.
  • Supplied complete with fixing bracket, batteries and pear push lead.

HTM6003 Call Point (Pull Cord)

The HTM6003 room unit, normally be installed in bathrooms or en-suites.

  • Pull cord is supplied with 2 pull handles, one normally set just above floor height, the other accessible from the WC.
  • Supplied with fixing bracket and batteries.

HTM6017 Single Button Pear Push and Magnetic Holder

  • For use with the HTM6001 call point
  • Pear push and magnetic back plate for a tidy storage place

HTM6005 Ceiling Mounted Call Point

The HTM6005,  designed to be used in conjunction with the HTM600x pull cord call point display

  • Designed for use in shower areas where a wall mounted unit would be unsuitable.
  • It has no reset button and so has to be used with a standard int that does.

HTM6004 Door Alarm / Emergency Call Point

The HTM6004 Door Alarm, is used to alarm when a door is unexpectedly opened.

  • Via magnetic switch, the door alarm is primarily designed for use on door.
  • The unit also has a second use case as an emergency alarm.

HTM6004C Cardiac or Code Blue Call Point

The HTM4006C is specifically designed for use as a hospital code blue cardiac alarm.

  • Designed to be used as staff to staff communication and to be distinct from the patient call HTM 6000 series of call points.

HTM6032 Over Door Light

The HTM6032 is an over door light to indicate the origin of a call.

  • Used to show where a call originates and the call level. Useful for staff that are not familiar with the room layout.
  • Requires a power supply.

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