ARM Wireless Staff Attack Alarms


ARM is a dual-technology based portable attack alarm system.


It combines the unique location and identification capability of infra-red alarm with the security of a fully supervised radio system.

The nurse attack alarm system includes full monitored and addressable wireless ceiling or wall mounted units making installation quick and easy.

ARM Wireless Staff Attack Alarm – Key Features

Day and night programming mode

The ARM staff attack system can be zoned to provide information specific areas, therefore providing a distinct day and night programming mode.

Call Logging

A 2 x 500 event rolling memory that can be exported to a computer or printer, ensures continuous recording of all calls and events, including management reporting functions.

Location & Fixed Alarm Points

Alarm points contain infra red sensors to receive the infra red alarm signals generated by a Personal Alarm unit and radio transmitters, this enables them to communicate information to the system.

ARM Equipment Montage

ARM Wireless Staff Attack System

ARM Staff Personal Alarm (PA) feature 2 different levels of alarm; Assistance & Attack and an emergency rip cord (for a belt clip)/pendant (neck toggle).

The PA devices work by transmitting their identity every 5 seconds to the location unit, this information is then recorded and updated each time a new location is received. Allowing the system to keep a constant track of where each PA device is.

When a PA device is activated it sends both an infrared and radio alarm signal. Once these signals have been received by the location unit, it relays the location to the system and raises the alarm. At the same time, the radio alarm signals transmit directly to the system, providing a level of redundancy.

Additional assistive devices can be connected to the system. Such as, a relay expansion cord to provide an interface to CCTV systems for a camera or video link. This will activate the device once an incident has occurred.

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Staff Attack Alarms

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