Elpas RTLS Security Systems


Elpas, in addition to Eiris software form a Real Time Location System (RTLS) that uses triple technology RFID tags for healthcare and commercial sectors.


Elpas scurity location system can protect staff, patients, visitors and high-value assets.

Elpas RTLS Security Location System – Primary Use Cases


Staff Attack Alarms

The Elpas staff duress call solution enables faster response times by identifying the precise location of the specific employee at risk. The Solution provides workers with the peace of mind knowing that they are protected in an emergency situation.

Hand Hygiene

Designed to help hospitals achieve their goal of increased hand washing, Elpas hand hygiene is designed to automatically document whether staff members wash their hands before and after patient encounters.

Temperature Monitoring

The Elpas temperature monitoring solution gives real-time visibility into the status of temperature sensitive assets. The Solution automates temperature recordings and removes unreliable and labour intensive of manual recording.

Asset Tracking & Management

Elpas uses battery-powered RF/IR/LF tags which fix to the relevant assets. A fixed Ethernet/Wi-Fi compatible infrastructure comprising of; RTLS RF Readers, IR Readers and LF Exciters are strategically installed throughout the building and are all managed by Eiris Visibility & Security software.

Wandering Patient Alerting

Elpas wanderer prevention solutions provide a peace of mind to family and staff. Patients are free to move around the building. However, when they are detected near protected exits, staff are alerted, and the exit is secured. The alarm can be automatically disable if patients are accompied by staff.

Nurse Call Integration

Elpas can integrate with traditional nurse call systems to provide enhanced location performance for healthcare providers.  Elpas RTLS adds location information to existing systems. Elpas integrates closely with Wandsworth and Static System.

Elpas RFID Staff Safety & Security Location System

Elpas together with Eiris software can:

  • Notify about the identity and location
  • Monitor assets as well as individuals
  • RTLS triple-technology: Radio, infrared, low frequency magnetic fields

Elpas forms the hardware infrastructure of controllers, sensors and personal fobs/tags.

These hardware networks then work with Eiris software to form a very powerful messaging platform, offering message delivery to these systems :-

  • TCP/IP and UDP/IP gateway  Elpas security location system
  • ESPA and TAP text pagers
  • Email accounts
  • Smartphones (Eiris Go)
  • SMS text messaging
  • Digital message boards
  • Alert beacons & sirens
  • Loudspeakers & PA systems
  • Third-party notification systems

Elpas and Eiris Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) are a Staff Safety Security Location System that offers a staff attack alarm system with the means to locate personnel quickly.
Elpas, together with Eiris software, layers real-time location based security data onto traditional security access control and video monitoring systems.

It notifies the first responders of the identity of the individual and the precise sub-room location of the incident. Thus helping to provide a real-time whereabouts of the individuals, graphically overlaid onto the relevant floor plans.

Eiris software can also monitor the whereabouts of expensive equipment and trigger an event if the equipment passes an access point. It can even deny access and provide live and recorded video of an unauthorized attempt to access a protected or restricted area.

Elpas does not rely in line if sight infra red only, thereby offering a HBN 03-01 solution. Powerful RTLS triple-technology consists of radio frequency transmissions, infrared connectivity and low frequency magnetic fields making it the optimal means of enabling location awareness.
Elpas manufactures field-proven RTLS products and applications that leverage the real time location of assets and people, delivering granular location-based security.

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