Guardian Staff Safety Systems

Who’s looking out for you?

As a leading staff attack alarm system, Guardian staff safety systems are the preferred choice of Her Majesty’s Probation Service along with many other authorities and institutions.

Staff Safety Systems – Key Features


It can identify the caller as well as the location


The personal fob (or trigger) continually tracks movement when activated


External areas can be covered


Two levels of call are available - Attack and Assist


All events are recorded


Displays & callpoints available in stainless steel

Guardian Staff safety system montage

Guardian Staff Attack Alarms & Safety Systems

Whatever your industry, staff should always feel safe and secure in their working environment, this is becoming more apparent for people working in the care environment. Help protect them with Guardian staff attack alarms.

With the ability to integrate with Intercall nurse call installations, Guardian offers a high degree of personnel protection including; user ID, pager integration and external area coverage

The Guardian personal activation device (infra red trigger) can be worn discreetly on the belt by each member of staff.

Reliable and reassuring, the system is programmable to offer two levels of call – “Attack” and a lower level of ”Assistance” should this be more appropriate.

This enables the system to be used as an attack alarm and to summon assistance at the touch of a button. In the event of attack, signals from the device are transmitted to display units, which sound the alarm while identifying the exact location of the incident and the personnel involved.

A Guardian Staff Protection System can be used in a wide range of applications and sectors, including; Hospitals, Mental Health Units, Primary Care Centres, GP Surgeries, Airports, Courtrooms, Job Centres, Bail Hostels and SEN Schools.

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Staff Attack Alarms

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