Quantec Panic Alarm and Staff Attack Systems


For people working in the care industry, the threat of personal attack is all too apparent. The problem is how do you safeguard against the risks?

The Quantec panic alarm system helps combat the threat of verbal and physical abuse against members of staff. Using an infra-red and radio facility it helps protect staff against disturbed patients, intruders and/or aggressive visitors.


Quantec Staff Alarms – Key Features


Two Wire Addressable System

Quantec staff attack alarms are quick and straightforward to install using readily available cables and back-boxes. Being addressable, the locations can be displayed in alphanumeric text – plain English

Fully Programmable Offering Complete Flexibility

Quantec staff attack alarms can be programmed for zoning, day/night mode volume controls and follow-me over door lights.

*Pagers and large dot matrix displays can be added if required.


Dual Technology for Backup

Quantec fobs emit both infra-red light and also RF (radio signals), so that there is a backup technology keeping stuff safe.

Stainless Steel Impact Resistant Options

Repeater displays and call points are available in stainless steel, suitable for the most demanding application

Quantec Staff Attack Montage

Quantec Addressable Staff Protection

Quantec Panic Alarm & Staff Protection

How Does it Work ?

Staff at risk carry a special rechargeable transmitter which is attached to their clothing. Should an attack take place, they activate the transmitter by pressing one of its buttons or releasing its pull clip. As a result, this fills the area with infrared and radio signals. The panic alarms signals are picked up by the receiver which instantly informs Quantec that an attack is taking place.

An urgent, piercing alarm is sounded throughout the building (as programmed) and the exact location of the attack is indicated at all relevant displays, thus prompting the quick response of security staff. For security reasons attack calls can only be reset by entering a special code at the Quantec Controller or a display with controls.

In addition to staff attack calls, Quantec’s infra red call points and ceiling receivers can generate other levels of call too. The type of call generated depends on the type of transmitter(s) and receiver(s) used.

All fob type transmitters have the ability to send radio as well as infra red calls. To generate a radio call, at least one Quantec radio receiver is required. Radio receivers are ideal to pick up calls in outside areas such as car parks and gardens where infra red transmission is not practical.

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