Spider Alert Staff Protection Systems


Spider Alert systems are now largely a legacy product. We can and do support it, although we would not specify it as a new system.


SpiderAlert has largely been replaced by Elpas

Spider Alert Staff Attack Systems – Key Features


Immediate location and user ID data


Robust alert options


Geographical Floor Plans


Unlimited amount of transmitters on the system


Both indoor and outdoor operation


Incident logging and reporting

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Spider Alert Staff Emergency Call System

Versatile and scalable, Spider Alert provides real-time emergency signalling and event location for institutional and commercial applications, including; healthcare, educational and correctional facilities. Spider Alert enhances on-site protection, as well as the personal security of individuals.

The Solution

  • Who is carrying the tag/transmitter? (Identifying the person or equipment)
  • When did the transmitter last trigger an event?
  • Where did the last transmitter event occur?
  • What? A unique feature of EIRIS enabling the system to provide vital status information about tagged entities. Such as; man down alerts, low battery, tamper and supervision.

SpiderAlert’s Personal Security/Staff Attack solutions increase staff security and improve productivity by providing emergency signalling at the push of a button.

In the framework of personal security solutions, users are assigned; personalised, lightweight, easy-to-carry transmitters which incorporate dual IR/RF technology.

Help can be requested by pressing the transmitter’s button or pulling its cord. The tag immediately sends IR and RF signals and an event is generated, allowing the system to accurately pinpoint and identify the transmitter’s location and provide this information to security staff in real-time.


Spider Alert is a field-proven system featuring two-way controls for real-time emergency signalling and precise event location information.

SpiderAlert solutions are based on the SpiderBus together with a wide range of wireless devices in a local-area signalling network. The SpiderAlert system combines dual technology, IR and RF signals, to provide cost-effective, user-friendly and flexible signalling solutions.

The Spider Alert architecture is comprised of four main levels:

  •  Dual Technology Receivers and Transmitters
  •  SpiderBus
  •  EIRIS™ Server/Operating System
  •  EIRIS SpiderAlert Applications

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