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Staff attack alarms are used in scenarios where staff may need to quickly summon assistance though use of a panic alarm – either a personal fob, under desk panic button or dado rail panic strip. 

We can give staff the ability to summon help when feeling threatened.

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GD Systems have been designing and installing staff attack alarms for many years into many different environments


With installations in secure hospitals, brain injury units, A&E departments and doctor’s surgeriesour design engineers are fully conversant with the requirements of staff attack alarm systems and can work with site staff or consulting engineers.

We have a variety of equipment and technologies that enable us to design systems or fulfil an installation to a design specification.


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Secure Hospitals or A&E Wards

For a fully functional staff attack alarm in a secure hospital or A&E ward, the system would be designed around infra-red detectors. Which would be installed in the ceilings of all high risk areas, e.g. anywhere with patients contact. The infra-red detectors are then connected back to a controller which is continuously monitoring for IR light.

Staff carry a personal fob, which can be programmed to identify the user or not depending upon site requirements. If a staff member is attacked of feels under duress, they would activate the fob. Which in turn would flood the area with invisible infra-red light. This light is detected by all receivers in range and dependent upon programming will alarm with the location of the staff member requiring assistance.

There are techniques for using (RF) radio waves as a backup or for outdoors where the use of IR light is not as effective.

staff attack alarms


Smaller Wireless Panic Alarm Systems

In smaller situations such doctors surgeries, interview rooms and schools, a full infra-red based systems may not be necessary but staff still require protection. For these, we can offer a “Big Red Button” style of panic alarm which when activated sends a signal to a central point, such as the reception area, allowing staff to organise responders.

For other applications, a personal pendant may be more suitable, but as these are mobile, they are not effective for location purposes.

Custodial Panic Alarms


We can design & supply Cell Call Alarms

Custodial Staff Attack Alarms


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Quantec Panic Button

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

In some instances, it may be beneficial to track staff (or assets) around a building in real time. Thus allowing a prompt response by the necessary personnel. This type of system is best suited to sites that have a continuous security department presence.

In these instances, sensors can be installed around the premises (either a small area or in its entirety). Staff would carry fobs detected by the sensors, positions are then plotted on a PC screen in the security office. In the event of an attack (or asset theft), an will activate showing the location on the graphical display.

If there is a need to track either personnel or assets in real time, we have our RTLS systems which can be based on a combination of Infra-Red, Radio and Bluetooth with cloud options if required.

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